Monday, September 13, 2010

Who in the hell is Odie Hawkins?!!!!

Welcome to Odie Hawkins Unlimited! I've known Odie for several years and feel that Odie works have not been given the status and appreciation that they deserve.

How so Mista Jaycee?

He's published over 30 Novels! "Monkey Hustle" A Black Cinema classic is based on one of his short stories! He's a Charter Member of the Watts Writers Workshop! He's the last of the Core Four Holloway House Black Experience Genre Writers that includes Self Proclaimed Pimp/ Ice Berg Slim, Donald Goines and Joe Nazel. His Holloway House Novel "Ghetto Sketches still sells today!  He created a detective show in Ghana that still is a well remembered, well respected part of Afrikan Cinema. "Inspector Bediako" He is the originated the Pan Afrikan Occult Genre when he wrote the Novel "The Snake"!
The First Pan Afrikan Occult Novel

His poem Black,  Pussy" serves as the lead sample of Compton Rap Pioneer DJ Quik's first album "Quik's the Name!"
Gangsta Rap Pioneer Ice T searched out Odie to research Ice Berg Slim! Why? Because Odie is one the few left that can give legitimate details!  Imagine, spending a lifetime not just opening the doors for young writers, but in some cases, literally having to create those worlds out of nothing and now your literary children enjoy the benefits but don't know your name?
Truly, anyone, who has read a Walter Mosely novel or reads A Teri Woods Fable such as "True to the Game!" Should know Odie Hawkins name! It is because of writers like Odie and others like Wanda Coleman and Roland Jefferson that there is a playing field for all of these young writer/publishers who's work stocks today's bookstore shelves.   Any writer who rails against being type casted and chooses to write whatever he chooses and not just what is easy and profitable owes Odie!

Its' criminal that he paved or helped to pave all this fertile ground that we benefit from yet he is relatively unknown by the masses.

Copy of Ultra Rare Printing of Ghetto Sketches Republished by Oaktree Press

Why is his obscurity criminal? Because there are book clubs all over the world where a copy of "Ghetto Sketches" sells for $500 to $5000 dollars among collectors  all over the world yet these books are either out of print or sell for a little as $5.00 in paperback in Afrikan American bookstores because while the rest of the world treasures Odie Hawkins, countless others have yet to even be introduced to his work. Why is he criminally underappreciated?  His first novel "Ghetto Sketches" is on the required reading list at the University of Nevada! How many authors can say that their FIRST novel is REQUIRED reading that are not super appreciated and/or SUPER WEALTHY? Hummmm!

Well it stops now! This is your opportunity to read and enjoy one of our greatest writers.  Odie Hawkins's Unlimited allows you to connect with Odie by giving you the chance to read his previously published work but also his current and unpublished work. More importantly it allows you to PURCHASE his Work!

Welcome to Odie Hawkins Unlimited!


  1. I must admit I didn't know he was behind these hits by these young brothers, but this can be his time now.

  2. Hey Hotwords! Thanks for being the first to comment. As the moderator of this site, I must say that Odie appreciates it and I would like to encourage you to go and read as many of his books. He has had direct and indirect influences on alot of todays writers.
    Thanks for chiming in.
    Jaycee the moderator

  3. This is really interesting. You've put a lot of work in this blog to demonstrate what this author is about. Thanks for the insights. I'll have to check him out.


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