Friday, April 1, 2011

Maybe if He wrote about Pimps and Hoes!

His first novel "Ghetto Sketches" is REQUIRED reading at the University of Nevada.  The Classic movie "Monkey Hustle" was based on one of his short stories.  He won a NAACP IMAGE AWARD for writing an episode called "Old Sister" for Alex Haley's Palmerstown USA.

Maybe if Odie Hawkins had written about PIMPS and HOES he'd be alot more famous.

Odie Hawkins the Underground Master! A Modern Day Jean Genet!

The Next Installment of "Black and Brown on the Blue Line" 4-6-11


  1. Note...I believe Mr. Hawkins was paid to do a screen play, which had another "working title", eventually the executive branch wanted various changes including making one more title change before they settled on the Monkey Hustle. Still, there are 6 more screen plays he wrote & he wonders if they ever went into production w/o notifying him.

  2. We just did a Google search on Odie Hawkins and also checked out his books on This man is something else. How does he have the time to write all these books, etc.? What's he working on now?


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